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Wedding planners are by definition more than ” planners.”It is designers, coordinators, problem solvers, budget calculators, de facto therapists and, in many matters, friends of couples and families who entrust them with the realization of such important events.

And, although these professionals really amaze us every time we see a photo of their work or catch up via Zoom, we can not help but recognize that 2020 is a year like no other, especially in the world of wedding planning. Over the past nine months, the top 105 planners on this list have not only designed spectacular parties, they have planned, re—planned, reduced, delayed, and re-planned event after event. They have ” pivot!”a verb, and in countless matters, puts the health and happiness of their clients and colleagues above their own need for salary.

With the weeks of new rules, regulations and general uncertainty surrounding recent time underway, these selfless industry leaders have taken on even more responsibility, becoming seasoned negotiators, lawful experts, social distancing pros and pandemic problem solving superstars. And they did it with positivity and without hesitation.

“We had to be the glue that held things together, because there were a lot of unforeseen changes going on, even though we didn’t know how to do it,” admits Ashley Smith of Ashley Smith Events. “We have become a support system for both parties; our couples and all our suppliers we work with or love.”

With that in mind, we have created our 2020 master list of the best full-service wedding planners in America, which is, yes, its many, many, many moving pieces in the were, and, despite the unprecedented circumstances, the United States has continued to be inspired, not only by their talent, but for their determination, dedication and dedication to the celebration of We look forward to seeing what they will do in the coming year, but for now, we thank and honor them for that they do the best.

North Weddings

Francie Dorman and Britt Cole are the duo behind 42 North Weddings, a full-service planning company based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, which focuses on creating custom party environments primarily in family homes in the Northeast. “For us, the biggest reward is to create a completely unique lobby space, built from scratch, in a client’s personal home,” they say. “This is our specialty; whether it’s a sprawling property in the wild woods of New Hampshire or a vacation home on the coast.(See two of these events, here and here.)

In 2019, Dorman and Cole, now with 10 years of marriage experience, launched their sister company, Mavinhouse Events, with the goal of planning sophisticated, more urban parties and guiding junior planners working in Boston, New York and Newport, Rhode Island.

“Through 42 North, we have an intuition and understanding of what customers really need from their planning partner, which has been the catalyst for building Mavinhouse events,” they say. “And because our philosophy reflects a crossroads of interiors, fashion, food and hospitality, we are able to create an experience for customers they never thought they would want but couldn’t live with.”

We work in weddings because: “our collective appreciation for all facets of event production—logistics, finance, design, everything—is underlined by our admiration for the key players who make a client’s vision a reality. Building these creative teams of talented professionals really makes sense.”

A project we are most proud of: “We are always proud that a logistically complex project comes to life. Each event has its own set of unique challenges, maybe that’s how you live, she or he has to take in a museum, or commute to a remote island in Canada for a full weekend experience, but we can find a purpose in the wishes of the client. This encourages us to become aware of our decisions and explore new ways of doing things, rather than sticking to a scenario.”

What we learned about weddings in 2020: “producing private celebrations taught us to always design a ‘Plan B’ and a ‘Plan C’ that sound as beautiful and logistically as ‘Plan A.’ but recent time was out of our purview and after surviving the most difficult year of our professional and personal lives, we became more and more involved in the process.”

A Charming Evening

Another dynamic duo, Lisa Costin and Somer Khouri, lead the team to a charming party from their home in Cleveland, Ohio. Together they plan, design and produce ” beautiful, inspired and luxurious weddings and events.”

Whether it’s turning a ballroom into a glamorous celebration for an NFL player or creating a chic, Parisian night out at an Ohio country club, Costin and Khouri follow the same approach: they work with their clients to create memorable, bespoke, and large-scale design experiences. “We pride ourselves on our highly personalized design approach, creative ideas, impeccable attention to detail and commitment to exceeding customer expectations,” they add.

We work in weddings because: “we work in weddings because we are incredibly passionate about making dreams come true. We love to see the vision come to life and witness the overwhelming joy of our guests on their wedding day!”

A project we are most proud of: “one event we are most proud of in 2020 is an devoted lakeside wedding that we re-planned in less than two months to comply with state regulations and allow the couple to get married.”

What we learned about weddings in 2020: “We learned a lot! We were forced to adapt quickly and efficiently to ever-changing circumstances and reporting mandates, while keeping our clients calm and healthy during the process.”

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